A guide to Accent Chairs

A guide to Accent Chairs

Statement chairs are versatile and stylish. They’re a great way of revitalising a room that needs a little TLC – and at this time of the year, who can argue with extra seating? Here’s our guide to bringing character and practicality into your room with an accent chair.

Be Individual

If one overarching theme is what ties together your space, use an accent chair to define it. One standout item of furniture can act as a signpost, a simple ‘here I am’ that instantly tells the casual onlooker what the style of a room is. Accent chairs come in a range of styles and shapes from vintage to contemporary, so find one that reflects your unique tastes. If shabby chic is what you’re into (and let’s be honest, who isn’t this season) then this elegant Jasmine wing back chair can give any room a dash of English country charm that’s straight from the pages of Country Living Magazine.

Be Bold

Because accent chairs are a standalone feature, they don’t dominate a space. Don’t be afraid to bring in new textures, patterns and colour. Accent chairs are meant to catch your eye, to make the room interesting. They don’t need to match your existing furniture – in fact, mismatched furniture is in. Be bold. We love this Mocktail chair simply because it’s so retro and wild. These Zig-Zags would be stifling if they covered every surface of your living room, but in one accent chair they’re a chic finishing touch to a seventies-inspired room.

Be Practical

Accent chairs should have substance as well as style. Think about where you’ll put yours, and what you’ll use it for. An accent chair needs to work for your needs and your space. There’s no point in a gorgeous item of furniture that’s too big for your room and your guests have to squeeze past. If you want a cosy chair to sink into and leaf through magazines, then comfort and durability is a must. With its foam seat and super soft velvet upholstery, this Lulu loveseat has both. However, if you’re simply looking for something to smarten up your hallway that won’t be used often, you can afford to be less practical.

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