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How to Furnish a Holiday Let and Make Your Property Stand Out

How to Furnish a Holiday Let and Make Your Property Stand Out

How your holiday home looks is undoubtedly one of the key factors to influence any holidaymaker’s decision to book your property (or not).

However, getting the right look for the right target audience isn’t easy – how do you design a holiday home that absolutely everyone will like?

The simple answer is that you can’t.

But that’s ok because you are not trying to attract everyone. You’re likely to have specific niches or market your accommodation is already aimed towards, and that should be the focal point when you’re thinking about how you style and decorate your holiday cottage.

And thats where we can help. Whether you want a high end feel with rich leather Chesterfield sofas and plush velvet accent chairs, or do you want budget friendly hard wearing pieces suitable for kids and pets?

Regardless of your target market, there are some style fundamentals to be aware of from the start. Old-fashioned, thrown-together designs can look hideous and off-putting, whilst overly-coordinated colours and patterns can look OTT, and dull colours dreary.

And nobody wants ‘average’. The truth is — and whether they know it or not — holidaymakers will always want an ‘equivalent’ or ‘better than’ standard of what they are already used to at home when they book a holiday home.

Ideally, you’ll want a property that is kitted out so it grabs attention, but also looks like it will be a relaxing ‘retreat’ that people can enjoy. You want it to be positively oozing with potential when it comes to your prospects visualising it as a place for memories, good times, and that all important instagram tagged post.



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