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How to Measure for your new sofa

Sofa Tape Measurement

The perfect sofa can elevate the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your living room. However, ensuring it fits perfectly in your space is crucial. Let's explore the key steps you should follow when measuring your space for a new sofa from Home Living Outlet.

Essential Pre-Purchase Measurements

When considering a sofa purchase, several measurements are important:

Room Dimensions

Start by measuring the length, width, and height of your room. This will give you a clear understanding of how much space you have and how to utilise it effectively.

Doorways and Hallways

Measure the height and width of any doors, hallways, or stairways the sofa will need to pass through during delivery. It's important to ensure the sofa can easily fit through these spaces to avoid any delivery issues.

Sofa Dimensions

The dimensions of the sofa are equally important. These include:

  • Sofa Width: Measure the full width from one armrest to the other.
  • Sofa Depth: Measure from the back of the sofa to the front edge.
  • Sofa Height: Measure from the floor to the highest point of the sofa.

Remember, your sofa should fit comfortably in your room without overcrowding the space.

Choosing the Right Sofa Size

Once you have the measurements, it's time to choose the perfect sofa. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Balance Scale with Comfort

Your sofa should be proportional to the room. A large sofa can dominate a small room, while a small sofa may look lost in a spacious room. Strike a balance between the sofa size and the room's scale.

Consider the Layout

Consider how the sofa will be positioned. Will it be against a wall or in the middle of the room? Is there a fireplace or a television that it needs to face? Your sofa should be positioned to facilitate easy movement and comfortable viewing.

How to Measure for a Corner Sofa

If you're considering a corner sofa, additional measurements are required:

  • Measurement of the Corner: Measure the space where the two pieces of the sofa will join together in the corner of the room.
  • Measurement of Each 'Arm': Measure the length of each 'arm' of the corner sofa. Ensure both arms will fit into the allocated space.

Stylish and Affordable Sofas at Home Living Outlet

At Home Living Outlet, we offer an extensive collection of sofas from big branded retailers with discounts of up to 70% off the RRP. Our range includes various styles, sizes, and fabrics, ensuring there's a perfect sofa for every home.

Remember, a sofa isn't just a furniture piece; it's an investment in your home's comfort and style. With accurate measurements and thoughtful selection, you can find the perfect sofa to enhance your living space at Home Living Outlet.

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